Travel Documents

The Embassy collects applications for Travel Document from the Nepalese people and their children who are residing in Spain. The applicants are requested to provide either a photocopy of their passport or a copy of the Nepalese Citizenship Certificate as evidence to prove their Nepalese nationality. The Embassy also issues One Way Travel Documents to the children of Nepalese parents born in Spain who want to embark on a one-way travel to Nepal.


List of documents to be submitted

  1. A duly filled in application form
  2. Citizenship Certificate (If copy of citizenship or passport is submitted it will be verified from the concerned authorities)
  3. Three copies of recent photograph (coloured)
  1. Nepali passport and its copy
  2. A police report from the relevant police office in the current country of residence mentioning clearly the name of the bearer and the number of the lost passport. (in case of lost passport)


Charge for Travel document is 50$


Note: Before making the payment through the bank please wait for the confirmation from the Embassy about the approval of documents. Once you are notified that all your documents are complete please make the transfer. For additional queries, feel free to contact us.  


जरुरी:  कृपया राहदानी, प्रमाणीकरण आदिको दस्तुर बैंकबाट पठाउंद पहिला दूतावास कागजात प्राप्त भएइ सहि भएको एकिन भएपछि मात्र तोकिएको राजस्वको  रकम  बैंकमा जम्मा  हुन अनुरोध छ । थप जानकारी चाहिएमा फोनबाट वा मा सम्पर्क गर्नु हुन अनुरोध छ ।


The bank details for sending service charges is as given below:
Name of Beneficiary: Embassy of Nepal, Madrid
Bank: CaixaBank
Account No.: ES67 2100 2880 7415 0000 8931