The Embassy of Nepal attests the following documents issued by the competent authorities of Nepal and duly attested by the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Nepal.

  • Character verification certificate issued by Nepal Police
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Health certificate
  • Birth registration certificate
  • Death registration certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Unmarried (Singleness) certificate
  • Minor’s identity Card
  • Marriage registration certificate
  • Relationship verification certificate
  • Certificate of divorce
  • Other relevant documents issued by the local authorities
  • Various documents issued by various Government Ministries and constitutional bodies
  • Academic certificates issued by the Ministry of Education, Office of the Controller of Examinations (Sanothimi and Balkhu) and vocational training certificates issued by the CTEVT
    Note: Embassy also attests the documents attested by the Ministry of Exteriors’ of Spain.

Fee Structure for Attestation/Legalization:

Notice on Revised Attestation Fees

This is to inform all the concerned that the Embassy will charge fees as per the decision of the Government of Nepal

S. No. Type of Document/Service Attestation Fees Per Document (In Euros)






Welfare related services:

–  Recommendation for organ transplantation

–  Recommendation regarding dead body

–  Recommendation regarding search, rescue and repatriation Application regarding compensation for the injured or dead body, or

–  Such other services

Free of Charge





–  Marriage Certificate

–  Academic Certificate

–  Relationship Certificate

–  Driving License

–  Marital Status Certificate

–  Birth/Death/Divorce Certificate

–  To Whom It May Concern

–  All kinds of applications or such other documents







–  Police Clearance Certificate

–  Medical Report