Non Residential Nepali NRN ID


“Non-resident Nepali” means a foreign citizen of Nepalese origin and this term also includes a Nepalese citizen residing abroad. “Foreign citizen of Nepalese origin” means a person who him/herself or whose father, mother grandfather or grandmother was a citizen of Nepal at any time and has subsequently acquired the citizenship of any other foreign country other than a member country of the South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation (SAARC). “Nepali citizen residing abroad” means a Nepali citizen who has been residing in any foreign country for at least two years engaged in any profession, occupation, business and employment except a Nepalese citizen residing in a member country of SAARC or serving in a diplomatic mission or consulate situated in a foreign country under the assignment of the Government of Nepal and pursuing studies in an academic institution in a foreign country. Family members of NRN can also register as NRN and obtain their ID cards.


The affairs of NRNs are governed by Non-Resident Nepali Act, 2008 and Non-Resident Nepali Rules, 2009. The government has recognized NRNs and sought their participation for the following reasons:

1.To motivate Non-Resident Nepalese to take part in all round advancement of Nepal and enhance their attachment towards Nepal; and
2.To encourage their investment in Nepal.


The government of Nepal has extended, among others, the following facilities to NRNs:

1.Issuance of Identity Card upon their application with necessary documents and fees
2.Right to open an account in convertible foreign currency
3.Investment can be made in convertible foreign currency
4.Repatriation of investment and profit earned out of investment
5.Right to run an industry or business
6.Purchase of land for residential purpose
7.Free visa (10 years) to Nepal up to card remains valid.

Tutorial for filling up NRN ID card form

Before you start to fill out the online application form below, please get ready the scanned copies (soft copies) of the following documents/items in your computer: 

  1. Naturalization certificate, or citizenship certificate of Spain
  1. Biographic data page of your current Spanish passport;
  1. Nepali citizenship of the applicant (if the applicant remained a Nepali citizen in the past, first generation NRN) Or, Copy of Nepali citizenship of the father or mother of the applicant (if the applicant is second generation NRN, i.e. the applicant is born as foreign national but his/her father or mother was Nepali citizen) Or, Copy of Nepali citizenship of grandfather/grandmother of the applicant (if the applicant is third generation NRN, i.e. the applicant and his/her father or mother are born foreign national but the applicant’s grandfather/grandmother was citizens of Nepal) and the document that proves the relationship between the applicant and the grandparent;
  1. Recent passport size photo (45 mm in height and 35 mm in width) (400*300 pixel size);
  1. Applicant’s signature (Please sign on a white paper, scan, crop into an appropriate size in a JPEG format, and do not forget to submit this piece of paper with your signature along with other documents).


Documents and items to be submitted to the Embassy by post mail, or in person, or through a representative:

Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) Identity Card (Foreign citizen of Nepali Origin):

  1. Print out of the completed online application form which is signed by the applicant
  2. Copy of previous Nepali Passport and Citizenship certificate
  3. Passport of current nationality, certificate of naturalization and their copies
  4. Proof/ Commitment of Nepalese citizenship renouncement.
  5. Copy of Citizenship Certificate of father/mother/grandfather/grandmother or any other document that proves their Nepalese nationality
  6. Documents showing proof of business, occupation or employment
  7. Proof of address (Current address)
  8. Revenue Fee US $500 Application Registration Fees: US $20


Required Documents:

  1. Print out of the completed online application form which is signed by the applicant
  2. Nepali Citizenship Certificate and its copy.
  3. Nepali Passport and its copy.
  4. Documents related to business in the current country of residence.
  5. Document/proof of employment in the current country of residence.
  6. Revenue Fee US $50 Application Registration Fees: US $20


Same requirements as above with a copy of the previous NRN ID


Same requirements as above with a copy of the lost/damaged NRN ID and a self declaration letter declaring that the ID was lost (in case of loss only)


  • Before making the payment through the bank please wait for the confirmation from the Embassy about the approval of documents. Once you are notified that all your documents are complete please make the transfer. For additional queries, feel free to contact us.  
  •  Cash is not acceptable, Payment can be made by Card in the Embassy or by Bank Transfer

The bank details for sending service charges is as given below:
Name of Beneficiary: Embassy of Nepal, Madrid
Bank: CaixaBank
Account No.: ES67 2100 2880 7415 0000 8931

Application Procedure: Applicants needs to submit application in person .

NRN Act NRN-Act-2064
NRN Regulation NRN-Regulations-2066

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