Travel Alert for those Traveling to Nepal

1) Concerned travelers are required to fill up and submit a CCMC form as made it mandatory by the COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) of Nepal. This form can be accessed at CCMC_link
A Bar Code is then generated upon the submission of this form. It is recommended that the concerned traveler either print, or save this Bar Code as they travel to Nepal, as it is likely that you may be required to show this confirmation in your journey back to Nepal.
The Embassy has received information that prior travelers have often face difficulties upon failing to show this document. Because the submission of the form does not allow individuals to submit the same Passport number twice, please ensure that you fill up all details with care as you plan to submit this form and retrieve the Bar Code necessary.

2) All travelers are required to have a report of swab collection RT-PCR tested Negative. The time of the swab collection should not be more than 72 hours before the traveler’s boarding time for departure. Please ensure that you have this negative test report at all times as it is likely that you will be asked to present this report at different checkpoints during your journey back.

3) As per the directives of Ministry of Health and Population Nepal, it is mandatory to stay in Quarantine for 10 days after entering into Nepal, after coming into contact with an infected person, and should stay in compulsory isolation for 10 days if tested positive for COVID-19 virus.

For further information regarding arrival and visa issuance to foreigners, please go through the below attached documents issued by the Department of Immigration.
विदेशीहरूकाे नेपाल आगमन सम्बन्धी सूचना